Sales Director

Assessment for evaluating Sales Executives on their ability to lead sales.


You have been hired as the new Sales Manager at Wipe where you will explore markets and drive sales across Scandinavian markets. You join an ambitious organization with 250 competent and motivated colleagues helping customers implement hygienic and efficient cleaning solutions.

Your role as Sales Manager

As the Sales Manager, you will be leading a team of four Area Sales Managers in identifying new business and driving sales through distributors in verticals such as Food & Beverage and Facility Management while also exploring new market opportunities. Successful distributor sales require value-based solution selling, helping distributors in their sales efforts with end-users.

You will help prepare business plans on a strategic level for Scandinavian markets while also being responsible for your team successfully executing the sales strategy and reaching their goals. Part of this is motivating Areas Sales Managers and helping them improve their sales and relationship skills.

Business opportunity: international growth with local distributor

Wipe has long explored entering new markets and talks have often focused on local distributors with international reach and ambitions as a strategy for international growth.

Shortly after these talks, your new Danish Sales Manager, Niels, is informed of an interesting opportunity at a local F&B distributor, FoodClean A/S, with a growing international customer base. FoodClean A/S, a distributor of F&B cleaning solutions, is looking for a new provider of hygienic cleaning supplies on their international growth journey.

Niels quickly scheduled a meeting with FoodClean A/S and made a presentation showcasing the product catalog and current customers of Wipe. You become worried when you hear Niels is unable to reach FoodClean A/S for a second meeting, as this is an important opportunity for Wipe.


After talks with the Regional Sales Director, you decide to keep pursuing this opportunity and is asked to present a plan for getting back into the deal.

Create a presentation (3-5 slides) that covers the following:

  • Actions for scheduling a new meeting
  • Overall structure and focus of the sales process going forward
  • Key focus areas in a sales pitch and proposal to FoodClean A/S
  • How you can help Niels improve from this experience

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