Product Owner

Use this to assess important skills for product management hires.


You have been hired as the new Product Owner for SalesCRM, a startup inthe CRM software space. You are responsible for conducting user research andupdating the product roadmap to ensure that SalesCRM is building the rightfeatures. In addition, you are responsible for ensuring stakeholders have theright information and keeping them informed throughout the process.


Your role as Product Owner

As Product Owner, you are leading a team of two Developers and oneDesigner. Your team has a shared responsibility for developing and maintainingSalesCRM's CRM software. You are also responsible for working with your usersto understand their needs and leverage this knowledge in the productdevelopment process.

On a day-to-day basis, you will be working closely with your developersto understand what they are working on and how you can improve the productbased on this information. As Product Owner, you are also responsible forcommunicating with stakeholders (i.e. potential customers) about the progressof SalesCRM and provide an overview of upcoming features.


Product roadmap

You have recently conducted some user interviews to get feedback on theSalesCRM product. Based on this feedback, you have agreed with the CEO on a newroadmap for SalesCRM.

The new roadmap includes three main features which will be developed inQ3 and Q4 2021. Your next task is to work with your team to prioritize thesefeatures based on stakeholder feedback.


Stakeholder management

One of your key tasks as Product Owner is to ensure that stakeholdersknow enough about the development process and the status of their project. Thismeans that you are responsible for updating them on a regular basis andproviding an overview of upcoming features. You also need to make sure thatthey are aware of the latest information about SalesCRM.



After your latest user interviews, you agree with the CEO on a newproduct roadmap. Create a presentation (5-7 slides) that covers the following:

1.    Actions for conducting user research

2.    User research results & findings - SalesCRM's current situation

3.    Product roadmap for Q3/Q4 2021

4.    Prioritization of product backlog - Q3/Q4 2021

5.    Communication with stakeholders - overview of upcoming features

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