Head of Marketing

Assessment for evaluating senior marketing skills and motivations.


You have been hired as the new Head of Marketing for Pipe. You areresponsible for developing a global marketing strategy, for managing yourregional marketing teams, and for leveraging paid b2b marketing to reach end-users.

Your role as Head of Marketing

As Head of Marketing, you are leading a team of four Market Managers withresponsibility for their own assigned region. You are responsible for strategicplanning, providing support in content development, and working on the overallmarketing budget for Pipe. You will develop global strategies to be implemented across regions andwork on ways to leverage paid b2b marketing to drive sales. Your team is alsoresponsible for creating content for web.

Marketing strategy

Together with the CEO, you have agreed upon the following objectives for 2015:

  • Be more visible on the Internet
  • Increase sales through distributors/dealers
  • Expand into new markets

To achieve these objectives, you have decided to pursue three keyinitiatives:

  1. Developing content for web (new website)
  2. Creating a "marketing hub" for distributors/dealers
  3. Developing a marketing plan for paid b2b marketing


Initiative 1

Developing content for web (new website) The new website will be a key toolin driving sales through distributors/dealers. The current website is outdatedand has a low number of visitors. You have decided to launch a new website inQ1 2015, which will serve as the main information source for end-users anddistributors/dealers. In order to make this happen, you have decided to collaborate with anexternal agency to create a new design and structure based on the Pipe brandguidelines. You have also decided to include a blog where you can share contentwith end-users and distributors/dealers.  

Initiative 2:

Creating a "marketing hub" for distributors/dealers As part ofyour global marketing strategy, you have agreed to create an online"marketing hub" where distributors/dealers can find all relevant Pipematerial. Here they can find product sheets, videos, brochures, etc. You arealso working together with the IT department to make sure distributors/dealerscan download Pipe material directly on their own sales website.

Initiative 3

Developing a marketing plan for paid b2b marketing You have decided tolaunch paid b2b marketing in Q4 2014, focusing on creating awareness amongend-users and distributors/dealers. You have also decided to include two trade shows in the marketing plan whichwill be held in Q1 2015. These trade shows will be used as an opportunity toshowcase Pipe's new brand and products. The first trade show will be held inyour key market, North America, and the second in Germany.


After talks with the CEO, you decide to keep pursuing these initiatives andis asked to present a plan for getting back into the deal. Create apresentation (5-7 slides) that covers the following:

  1. Actions for launching the new website
  2. Marketing initiatives for new markets
  3. Actions for developing content for web (new website)
  4. Actions for creating a "marketing hub" for distributors/dealers
  5. Actions for developing a marketing plan for paid b2b marketing

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