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Casefair is a global recruitment platform that accelerates the hiring process by providing unbiased,
data-driven candidate insights. We help you hire the right candidate, everywhere, every time.

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Our features

Save time

Screen candidates quickly and effectively by using our case library. With our pre-made cases and questions, you can get started right away!

Case library

With our pre-made case library, you can hire and screen candidates straight away using job-specific and industry specialist cases. Casefair does the work for you, so you don’t have to!

Find top performers with data-analysis
Our platform is driven by the most advanced AI predictive data analysis, giving you an instant overview of the top‑performing candidates and future rising stars.

Get a deeper insight into the fit and abilities of a potential hire with Casefair's benchmarking analysis! Compare a candidates performance, benchmarked by your current employees.

Unbiased screening

Is your company hiring with diversity? At Casefair, we offer a completely transparent hiring process, so you can hire with best practice based on abilities and skills - not gender, ethnicity, or education.

Positive experience

Give candidates the best possible experience by providing a deeper insight into the role, and evaluate talent based on real life situations, and job-specific competencies.

Casefair makes your recruitment process easy, effortless, and efficient

Casefair is a recruitment platform that helps your company hire the right candidate, every time. Using AI data-driven candidate analysis, we help you save time and money by providing a streamlined and efficient solution to the handling of your candidate cases.

Find out how Casefair can make a difference in your company:

For Recruiters

For those of you working in HR wanting to save time in the recruitment process - and looking for the best talent and candidate in the industry, to bring value to your company.

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For Agencies

For those of you searching for the best candidate for your clients, Casefair helps you gain insight into a wide range of skills and industry talent, based on your client's needs and criteria.

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Welcome to the future of recruitment

Save time

Casefair instantly ranks candidates based on their performance within the case, so you can quickly and easily find the best candidates based on their specific skill set, personality profile, and problem solving abilities.

AI automated screening

Candidate performance ranking

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Lower costs

Casefair gives you real insights into the fit and personality of a candidate based on your current team. We help you hire the right talent, every time!

Personality fit

Lower employee turnover

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Increase diversity

Diversity and unbiased hiring are two of our key values. This is why Casefair gives you the opportunity to hire with complete transparency. Candidates are screened and hired based on their skills and abilities - not based on their gender, ethnicity, or education.

Unbiased hiring

Increase social responsibility

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