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Why recruiters love Casefair

User friendly

Our platform is so user friendly, anyone can create a case and hire the right candidate, straight away! You don’t have to be an expert to hire the best talent in the industry, Casefair provides job-specific cases, fueled by the skills and competencies you need for success.

Time saver

Evaluate high quality candidates, in seconds! Recruiters save an average of two days of manual applicant analysis by using Casefair. We provide you with instant results, so you can hire the right candidate every time.

Experience the future of recruitment

Casefair uses the latest AI technology and data analysis to provide recruiters with unprecedented candidate insights and comparisons. Being a cloud-based software you can access the Casefair platform anywhere, anytime. Welcome to the future!

Why candidates love Casefair

Person analytics

Each Casefair candidate gets their own overview of job-specific case performance and personality prediction. Candidates receive a deeper understanding of their best performance areas within the case, and have the power to see their potential in the real professional world.

Role Insight

Candidates get a deeper insight into the real work tasks and skills needed for the role. Candidates can get a feel for the role, and can assess if the job tasks will be interesting for them.

Interview success

Candidates have the chance to be interviewed based on their performance within a case - not based on educational background or experience. Applicants can expect a higher success rate of securing an interview when showcasing their talent and skills.

Hire the right candidate with Casefair today!