Evaluate thousands of graduates

Casefair can help you analyse over 1,000 graduate applicants worldwide, instantly! With Casefair, your company has the opportunity to screen every single candidate that wishes to apply for a graduate position. With our automatic candidate analysis, it takes just seconds to find the best graduate with top-performing case scores and motivational drivers.

Our goal is to make the recruitment process easy, efficient, and accessible - so that you can hire the right graduate, everywhere, every time.

How can Casefair help?

Motivational factors

  • Gain insight into the motivational factors of your applicants

  • What are the reasons the graduate is interested to apply? Let's find out!

Increase equality

  • Casefair has proven to increase the number of female applicants.

  • Hire with diversity and equality in mind.


  • Casefair reduces manual screening time by 90%!

  • Instantly send out case link to applicants across the world.

Attract applicants

  • Casefair increases applicant participation by 35%!

  • Our platform is worldwide. All graduates can apply, anytime, anywhere!

Hire the right graduate
with Casefair today!

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