Take a look at our most used cases

Cases are an important part of the job recruitment process, and can be used as a form of applicant screening.

At Casefair, we are experts in case screening and candidate analysis, and use industry-specific experts and psychologists to help ensure that our cases are reliable and valid.

There are many categories to be found within the platform, and we pride ourselves on being experts in Sales & Marketing cases.

Here's a sneak peak at some of our most popular case categories : 

How does it work?

Each time a candidate completes a case in the platform, their answers and performance is analysed by our deep learning AI system and compared to the performance of all other candidates.

Each candidate receives a performance ranking, saving you time from manual data analysis, and allowing you to spend more time instantly evaluating the best candidates for your position.

Show me how

Casefair combines AI and psychology

We use artificial intelligence and psychology to find you the best candidate fit.

How it works:

Psychologically anchored case questions are given to current employees

The same case is then available on Casefair for applicants to answer

Your team's answers are analyzed by our AI algorithms

Instantly receive a performance and culture-fit score for each applicant


Higher employee retention

Higher employee performance

Increased team compatibility

Selection of candidates predicted to excel